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WRC Club Men training on the harbor

Wellington Rowing Club is always on the lookout for new members. If your interested in rowing, coaching, or becoming a coxswain, we want to hear from you!

For those who have never rowed before, we run men’s and women’s beginner (Novice) programme’s.

If you are a seasoned rower, we have several competitive squads (men’s and women’s) who race at Club and Senior level. If you are interested in joining a competitive squad you must be willing to train 8-12 times a week.

If you are over 27 or over, and don’t want to row with a competitive squad (e.g. you don’t want to go to the national champs), we have an active Master’s squad. The Master’s squad still attends two competitions a year, Legion of Rowers in April and Masters Nationals in September.

If you are at school, we are affiliated with several colleges. Due to limited space in the boat-sheds we only accept pupils from the following schools:

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Onslow College 2x- in action

  • St Patricks College
  • Onslow College
  • St Mary’s College
  • Samuel Marsden Collegiate

To join a school rowing programme, please make an enquiry to your school sports administrator.



What are the fees for the season ?

Below are the subscriptions for the 2019/2020 season. Regatta fees will be billed individually in addition to the subscription.

Novice $750
College Experienced Rower $750
Learn To Row (Schools Only) $200
Cox $250
Club Experienced Rower $750
University $110-120
Masters (Competitive) $750
Masters (Non-Competitive) $450
Land Based Only $250
Corporate Challenge $2000 per crew of 5 TBC

Members are required to pay entrance fees for regattas they participate in, and any trips/travel is usually pay your own way. Squads will often fundraise and/or be subsidised (i.e. by their school) to offset costs.

How often will I have to attend training?

The amount of training required varies greatly and can be anywhere from 1-12+ times a week. Rowing is a sport where hard work is more often than not rewarded with results, so your time commitment will depend on your desired level of competition.

Will it hurt?

Absolutely, but you’ll make life long friends and have a blast.  By the end of the season you will likely be the fittest you’ve ever been, then hopefully come away with a few medals at nationals to show for it.  Sold?


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