Wellington Rowing Club – Regatta Updates

Wellington Rowing Club has had a very successful start to the season with the club winning both the Redding Shield and the Porirua Goodwill regattas. As an overall club we had a strong presence in both these regatta from a school level to the club rowers that were in attendance. As we won these regattas we got hold of the Top Dog trophy and that has now been painted in the wellington rowing club colours including a little JL Logo to replicate our row suit. Congratulations to all the athletes that were involved in these regattas, as a club we are now looking forward to the  upcoming Norton Cup and onto the bigger regattas later in the season.

We are currently in full swing with our learn to row programs running at all the schools affiliated with the club. There have been some great improvements and adventures had at these camps. We are looking forward to seeing these new athletes progress through their rowing journey.

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