Corporate Rowing

Wow, what an action packed 3 months that was! Starting back in May when it was dark and cold in the morning,  through to a weekend in Whanganui and on to August and Regatta day when, well, it rained – a lot!!

Many new rowers thought they knew the pain of a rowing machine, they had no idea how many squats you can possibly do or how complicated an octopul can be. For those returning Corporate rowers, the memories of cold and windy rows along with the blisters brought them back for more. This year new memories were made, rowing with the snow on the hills and the sun in the sky



Or erging as the sun rises?

erg-with-sunriseOne of the highlights of Corporate Rowing this year was the fantastic Whanganui training camp. The teams really got to bond with each other and with other teams, spend lots of time on the water and have a few drinks and songs together in the evening!

whanganuiWhich brings us on to the Indoor Erg Competition. This is the first year that there were trophies up for grabs. It has traditionally been ‘a bit of fun’ before the regatta at the weekend, but no one walking into the room that night would have believed that!


Steph from ComCom, rated over 50 strokes per minute. Not surprising her team went on to win, retaining their title from last year.There’s talk of adding handicaps to people next year, so here are their times for you to try and beat next time.


A few days later, Saturday 13th August, Regatta Day!!!

How great would it be to say it dawned bright and sunny…… but how amazing was the water??!! The rain certainly didn’t dampen spirits or competitiveness. It was fantastic to see everyone supporting each other, there was a massive range of experience among the crews from boats full of first time rowers to those with everyone having done at least 1 corporate season.

What was great was that every team had at least one boat in the final – a good sign that the handicaps were working well.

The winner from each of the first round of races won the Women/Men/Mixed trophy. The results from this round were, well, consistent?! Congratulations ComCom in winning the men’s, women’s and mixed! Thank goodness for the repechage!

The line-up for the final (and the Overall Trophy) was

Women – ComCom

Women – OMV

Men – ComCom

Men – RCP

Mixed –OPUS

Mixed – MoE

With handicaps applied after the race, first across the line didn’t mean you’d won the Overall trophy. We had to wait for Prize Giving to find out the final result of the day. The results are on Rowit and as determined by Joe – Club Captain and official adjudicator and handicap calculator for the day.

Prize Giving! There’s something about rowers that makes them know how to party…….

OPUS manged to prevent a ComCom clean sweep by coming joint first in the final race of the day with both teams winning the Overall trophy – congratulations!

corporate-winners-two corporate-winners

If there were a few more prizes to award they’d go to………

Best Dressed – Jazzy shorts man (Rory from Opus) – consistently the best shorts on and off the water

Owner of the D floor – Brad from OMV

Fastest rating I’ve ever seen on an erg – Steph from ComCom

Best quote – Steph from ComCom – on overhearing that we’re here to have fun……. ‘It never occurred to me that this should be fun’

Best looking ‘male’ rower – Sarah (RCP)

Best looking ‘female’ rower – Sam (MoE)

Team who generally embodied so much of why I love rowing – Team MoE – never saw them without smiles on their faces, they laughed at my jokes, gave up smoking, taught me zombie situps

Team who managed to avoid being in any of the photos in current circulation – Team MoE – amazing skill at hiding any evidence of good or wrong doing……

And with that the Corporate season for 2016 was over. Thank you all so much for making it an amazing season with a lot of fun, laughter, and only a few crews tipping into the water.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for the Corporate Challenge 2017 when we can do it all over again.

Photo credits go to Steph, Louise, Emma and Mr Go Pro, and thank you to Emma.














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