Corporate Rowing 2015 – Give it a Go!!!


This is a business team challenge for any work team, social group or individual and will be ideal for :

 building teamwork

 encouraging colleague support

 developing a team focus and commitment

 fostering and boosting personal health and fitness

 creating motivation and enthusiasm

 providing fun and enjoyment

 helping networking within the business community

Mixed corporate 8 race on the Whanganui

Mixed corporate 8 race on the Whanganui River as part of the training camp

Corporate Challenge as an introduction to rowing:

The Corporate Challenge is a good opportunity for anyone with no rowing experience to participate in an introductory program, before contemplating joining the club as a Novice rower. It works equally well as a stand-alone program. The Corporate Challenge runs from May to August.

Key Dates

Land based Fitness training – Commences 5:30pm Tuesday 12thMay at Wellington Rowing Club.

Corporate Challenge Briefing 2.30pm Sun 10th May upstairs at the Wellington Rowing Club

Training camp in Wanganui date July 11th/12th 2015

Practice Regatta at the completion of Training camp

Indoor Rowing competition 6pm Monday 10th August

Corporate regatta 1000 metres Saturday August 15th (reserve day Sunday 16th – dependent on weather) This date will be confirmed once we have confirmation from Wellington Rowing Association.

* Note that these dates are indicative – final dates yet to be confirmed based on the Wellington Rowing Association’s regatta programme – and the much-revered Wellington weather!!

The Value of Participation

Great for team spirit—an excellent team building exercise

Promotes Healthy lifestyle–get into a keep fit habit

Enjoy Wellington at its best–enjoy Wellington from the harbour – one of its greatest assets

Something New– it’s great to try something new

A gateway to future fun–it may be the beginning to a lifetime of enjoyment in rowing.

A final couple of words:

We do endeavour to accommodate everyone that is interested in rowing. As there is a random element to the breadth of fitness etc of a crew, we ask that people allow for this.

In addition, the Club is constrained in it’s boat and coaching resources. We will accommodate as many people as we can without overburdening the facilities, but it is possible that we will have to turn some people away. Our policy will be first-in, first-served.

What Next—Who Do We Contact ?

If you like the sound of this and would like to sign up or have any further questions, please email your details to Wellington Rowing Club at email:

See you at 2.30pm Sunday the 10th May 2015 upstairs at the Wellington Rowing Club!


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