About the Club

Wellington Rowing Club is one of the premier rowing clubs in New Zealand. Situated on the Wellington Waterfront, it is also one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the city.

We have been a part of Wellington for over 125 years. The club has a fine reputation in the rowing community and has produced many international oarsmen and oarswomen, including Olympic and World Championship gold.

The club is always on the look out for new rowers, coxswains and coaches.

Officers of the Wellington Rowing Club

Patron: Andy Foster (Mayor of Wellington)
President: Samantha Seath
Vice-President/Safety Officer: Allan Mills
Secretary: Jo-Anne Stokes
Club Captain: Nina Brown
Vice Captain: TBC
Treasurer: Huw Mitchell
Richard May
Tracey Bates
Tina Manker
Pip Loughnan
John Murfitt
Jerome McKeefry


Open Men: Chris Jones
Open Women: Raechel Cummins / Laura James
Novice Women: Raechel Cummins
Novice Men: Chris Jones
Masters: Dick Joyce/Jason King
Corporate: Allan Mills


St Pats College: Jerome McKeefry
Onslow College: Tina Manker
St Marys College: John Murfitt
Samuel Marsden Collegiate: Pip Loughnan
Victoria University: Lawrence Henderson, VicRowing


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