About the Club

Wellington Rowing Club is one of the premier rowing clubs in New Zealand. Situated on the Wellington Waterfront, it is also one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the city.

We have been a part of Wellington for over 100 years. The club has a fine reputation in the rowing community and has produced many international oarsmen and oarswomen, including Olympic and World Championship gold.

The club is always on the look out for new rowers, coxswains and coaches.

Officers of the Wellington Rowing Club

Patron: Justin Lester (Mayor of Wellington)
President: Nina Brown
Vice-President/Safety Officer: Alan Mills
Secretary: Christine Phillips
Club Captain: Joe O’Neill
Vice Captain/Safety Officer:  –
Treasurer: Huw Mitchell
Jarred Cummings
Catherine Duffin
Scott Connew
Kim O’Neill


Open Men: Chris Jones, Dick Joyce
Open Women: Joe O’Neil
Novice Women: Joe O’Neill, Nina Brown
Novice Men: Chris Jones
Casual/Masters: Mark Brown
Corporate: Allan Mills


St Pats College: Robert Rowan
Onslow College: Jarred Cummings, Andrew McCalman
St Marys College: Garin Golding
Samuel Marsden Collegiate: Andrew Johnstone
Victoria University: Maddie Palmer, VicRowing
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